How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Concrete Driveway?

Repairing a cracked concrete driveway

Have you been considering replacing your driveway but are hesitant due to the costs involved with getting the job done right? If you’ve been reluctant or feel uncertain about getting started due to lack of knowledge or concrete experience, you’re not alone. Most homeowners will only replace their driveway once in their lifetimes, and when that time arrives the first step begins with researching prices and planning your budget. We’ve put together a resource to help you better understand the costs involved for driveway replacement when you decide it’s finally time to make a move.

Let’s start by evaluating the costs that your contractor incurs to complete the job. These are some the expenses that your contractor will take on during the process of completing your project:

  • Material costs
  • Transportation for needed materials
  • Equipment (Machinery, tools)

There are three main factors that determine the cost of replacing a driveway:

Material Costs

  • The physical materials needed to complete the job (concrete, equipment, framing materials). Material costs vary over time depending on the market and availability. It is important to consider that the pricing you receive one day may rapidly increase because of any economic changes.

Scope of Labor

  • Labor costs factor into the work involved in completing your project. One important consideration is the worth of the skilled labor (the cost of the development of the workers’ craft over time). Scope of labor also includes ease of access to the installation site as well as transportation costs.

Driveway Size

  • The size of your driveway is one of the easiest ways to get an idea of what your project will cost. The larger your driveway, the more material and labor will be involved in installing your new driveway.

To estimate how much it will cost to replace your driveway, you should first determine if you would like to keep your driveway the same size or expand your driveway into a larger one. Once you have decided, you need to determine the measurements of the driveway you want.  The best way you can find a ‘ballpark estimate’ is by using your measurements to determine the square footage of your desired driveway and multiply it by the price per square foot of concrete.

Ultimately, driveway replacement is an investment in the long term value of your home and it is important to choose a company that you can trust. When making your final decision, be weary of choosing the ‘best price’ which can often result in poor quality. Make sure that the contractor you choose values a long lasting and professionally finished final product.

To learn more about how much it would cost to replace your concrete driveway, get in touch with the Madewell Concrete team!

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