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Do I Need to Replace My Driveway?

When should you start thinking about fixing the cracks in your driveway? As soon as you notice them. The sooner you initiate the fix, the better and more cost-efficient your concrete driveway replacement can be. If your driveway has more than simple cracks – and if it is dangerous – you’ll need a longer lasting solution than driveway repair can offer.

How can you know if concrete driveway replacement is necessary?



You notice cracks that are more than ¼” wide.


Excessive drainage issues

Rainwater is pooling in the center or sides of your driveway.



A driveway that has issues and is 20+ years old (asphalt) or 25+ years old (concrete).

Is Partial Replacement an Option?

Here at Madewell Concrete, we do not take a temporary or short-term approach to any of our concrete projects. Our professional solution to repairs is concrete driveway REPLACEMENT. That being said, not all driveways need to be fully replaced. Sometimes, only certain areas or sections need the most attention.

You don’t have to have your entire concrete driveway replaced if it isn’t necessary; you can simply address the worst areas and get what’s called a partial replacement. This can often help to minimize the total cost of your project and ensure the bad areas are treated with a permanent, long-lasting solution.

What does the driveway replacement process look like?


Step 1

First, your old concrete is removed, disposed of, and hauled off to be recycled into stone.


Step 2

Next, we grade the sub-grade and install temporary forms to hold the wet concrete in place.


Step 3

The concrete is poured and immediately smoothed, and control joints are added.


Step 4

Once the concrete hardens, the forms are removed.

What does the rest of the process look like?
Read about several key components of concrete driveway replacement

Service Details

Best Reinforcement Options

The best option for your driveway reinforcement is welded wire mesh/fiber mesh, which consists of galvanized panels of welded wire. Mesh is typically used by contractors who pour driveway concrete to a thickness of 4” because it is a thinner reinforcement and less expensive than rebar.

When Rebar is Required

Rebar driveways may be necessary or desired, and this requires the need to pour at 6 inches minimum because rebar is comparatively thicker than galvanized mesh reinforcement.

It seems like a simple process, but it’s one that is done with great care and attention to detail. Any issues along the way can impact how long your driveway will last.


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