Driveway Challenges.
Concrete Solutions.

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Driveway Challenges.
Concrete Solutions.

As soon as you start noticing cracks in your driveway, it may be time to call us in for an inspection and quote. The sooner you call us, the more cost-effective your concrete driveway repair can be. This will go a long way toward preserving your driveway’s long-term appeal. The problem is, most repairs for concrete do not work and often only hide the true problem. When you’re repairing your driveway, remember that we’re your partner in the process—and your friend long afterward. We’re looking out for your best long-term interests.

Concrete Solutions

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One of the biggest misconceptions is that there are reliable and quality solutions to “repair” concrete. Typical residential driveway repair requests are for requests to fill cracks, patch a small section, or resurface. While these options do exist, they are rarely a solution worth investing in.

Most of the time, these “solutions” are done in an effort to save as much money as possible, without having a proper understanding of the poor end-result that awaits. Many concrete issues are related to factors beyond the surface—issues that cannot be treated like a simple weekend DIY project.

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Fixing Cracks

Can you fix the cracks in your driveway and just caulk them? Can you patch a hole in your tire with a Band-Aid®? The answers to both of these questions is NO. Fixing cracks does not properly address the underlying problem with your concrete, which could be a variety of issues ranging from improper control joints to thin concrete, tree roots, bad subgrade, and more Any cracks that are a result of these factors must be treated with a full or partial replacement. Some cracks are good, like the ones that fall inside of properly placed control joints that relieve pressure on the concrete.

Is your concrete cracking, uneven, or sinking?
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Why We Don’t Just Resurface

At Madewell, we will most often recommend a full or partial replacement. Resurfacing is the single biggest misconception for concrete driveway repairs—and most driveways don’t even qualify for it because the issues are at the point of no return. The misconception is that it will completely make the concrete look new, and totally revive an old, cracked driveway into one that’s good-as-new, at a fraction of the cost. But the truth is, there are no performance guarantees with resurfacing. Aesthetically, resurfacing looks like you painted your driveway with a gray bucket of paint, and possibly even worse than it did before. Considering that it is only about 20% cheaper than a full or partial replacement, you’re much better off with a total replacement to protect the long-term value of your property.

Patching Things Up

Madewell Concrete does take on small projects at a minimum starting price of $3,000. However, patching concrete typically is viewed as a short-term solution, with low return on performance and aesthetic standards. We can best serve you and your home with a partial replacement in most cases.


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Madewell Concrete is the premier service provider for all your driveway needs, including patios, walkways and decorative. Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves on efficient turnaround times and high-quality work that stands the test of time. Our professional, hands-on team is always striving to provide the best possible customer experience. We know you want:Since we were established in 2016, our professional, hands-on team has provided personalized customer service, including:

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