Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

Thomas J.

The Story

Thomas and his family hired us to replace their entire driveway. Everything went to plan throughout the duration of the job until the very end. A Thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere, and began raining on the job before the driveway had fully cured. Even though we were prepared with plastic to cover the project, the rain was just to much, causing the end product to have quality imperfections. The thunderstorm was out of both Thomas' and our control, and would have easily walked away from the project, knowing that fixing the job now would cost more than the entire project was originally. But we had to honor our work and take care of our customer, even if that meant taking a financial loss to do it right. Experiences like Thomas are why you should trust us:

"An honest company we will recommend to all of our friends! Hardworking crew that does great work. An unfortunate surprise torrential rain caused some issues with the initial project, and Madewell did not hesitate to correct the problems and delivered a beautiful driveway to be enjoyed for years to come. It gave us a lot of confidence in the company when they told us they want their finished work to be something they would want at their own house, and they backed that up with their actions. You won't regret choosing Madewell.”

Sam H.

The Story

Sam and his family desperately needed a new driveway. They received several quotes and chose us even though we were not the cheapest. Because of our project have a dedicate and onsite project manager, we were able to go above and beyond for Sam. An unpreventable and unexpected problem arose at the end of the project, the asphalt street at the entryway to the driveway became unstable and compromised. Our project manager was quick on his feet, becoming part of the solution to the Sam's problem. Experiences like Sam is why you should trust us:

“At first contact, Madewell exceeded all of my expectations. I got multiple quotes and every other concrete company gave me the run around or did even send me a quote! When I first contacted Madewell I was immediately contacted by Madewell to schedule an appointment. I got an appointment within just a couple of days. They were super laid back and stood out in the burning summer sun to answer all of my questions and concerns. Even after our appointment he answered questions from me quickly via phone and text. After I signed to have my driveway installed, I was then pleasantly shocked to get a call by their product manager. Let me tell you about this guy... He was absolutely an awesome guy. He met with me and my wife a day after our consultation, and again, stood out in the burning hot summer sun for an hour to answer our questions and concerns. The day of the install, our project manager showed up on time and ready to roll. You just don't see work ethic like this anymore. He was there most of the day to oversee each step of the install and ensure complete satisfaction. We hit an unexpected snag and he went to Lowes and spent his own money and time to fix an issue that was neither his nor Madewell's fault and did it with a smile on his face. I can honestly say 100% I am so happy I chose Madewell and their team to install our new driveway!"

Mary J.

The Story

Our industry puts has us working with a new customer every day. That means for those few days we interact with each other, we get the opportunity to glean into each other's lives outside of just a contractor-customer relationship. Mrs. Mary had a very unfortunate personal situation happen to her and her family the day we started her project. That meant we not only had to take care of her home and project while she was away, emotionally her driveway was the last thing on her mind. We focused on taking care of her project with her gone while finding a way to keep her in the loop about all driveway. She returned home to beautiful new driveway and flowers from our team. Experience like Mrs. Mary's is why you should trust us:

"Madewell and crew were simply wonderful. They were very professional, punctual, involved, and committed to the job. This company truly transformed our house/yard/driveway. My husband and I recommend them to the entire world. Everyone, in need of any construction service, should definitely use MadeWell Concrete Company. Heartfelt thanks go to the team that served us. They are fantastic and we truly thank God for allowing our paths to cross. Again, special thanks to Madewell for the patient kindness they exemplified."


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